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The Reel Life
a play and screenplay
by Jonathan Marten, Joe Doyle and Tanya Marten

Plot Synopsis

The Reel Life explores the daily chaos within Shirbert Films, an independent motion picture production company run by brothers Nathan and Norman Goldstein. As the story begins, we find the offices of Shirbert in more disarray than usual. When their attempt to rise above the T & A genre that has brought them success (by producing an updated version of Macbeth starring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony) tanks badly, the brothers are forced to find a new project to salvage their now foundering careers.

The search brings them to an update of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (re-titled The Hunchback and The Naughty Dame), that combines the kind of story they need with classic Goldstein tits and ass. Matters are complicated when Nathan is coerced into hiring his hated former father-in-law, showbiz legend Dunston Fairview, to star in the new picture.

Also around to keep Nathan's blood pressure in a constant state of volcanic eruption are his ex-wife, Stasia, as well as Shirley Goldstein, the boys' mother, also known as the Minnie Marx of the indie film world.

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