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The Lunar Project

written and performed by D.D. Delaney
directed by D.D. Delaney

Notes from the Playwright

The Lunar Project is a companion piece to The Holy Fool, my one-person comic drama which played at 2nd Story between the Summer Solstice and Halloween.  The Lunar Project is not a sequel. The two works enhance one another. They're like two parallel lines that meet in infinity.

Photo by Ethan Marten Photo by Ethan Marten Photo by Ethan Marten

Photo by Ethan MartenPhoto by Ethan Marten

In The Holy Fool the issues are mental and spiritual. I am struggling to transcend my personal history, the twin tyrannies of biology and environment which threaten me ceaselessly with death and judgment.

But in The Lunar Project I'm looking for love and the essence of romance. The issues are emotional. They involve affairs of the heart, they reside in the soul.

Using the demanding form of the extended monologue — a "Stage-tale," as I like to call it — I am attempting to recreate through performance what are originally alternative spiritual experiences, independent of any particular religion and unique to my own background and imagination. Maybe I'm nuts for trying such a thing. But the truth is, after forty years of searching for these answers, I need to share my findings.



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